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Havighurst's Biography and Main Works

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Havighurst was born in  Depere, WI.  
1918-21--B.A., Ohio Wesleyan University.
1922--M.A., Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.
1924--Ph.D., Chemistry, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.
1953-54--Fulbright Scholar, University of Canterbury, New Zealand.
1961--Fulbright Scholar, University of Buenos Aires.
1962--Hon. D.Sc., Adelphi University.
1963--Hon. L.L.D., Ohio Wesleyan University (one unnamed source said this degree was awarded in 1964).
[sources: various student papers, authors unknown; CONTEMPORARY AUTHORS, 1974, 388; WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN EDUCATION, 1968; LEADERS IN EDUCATION, 1974] ( Roger Hiemstra, October, 1990, p. 1).


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